Oh man, this leak makes me feel like the frenzy over Google products is now as high as about the Apple. Fasten your belts now folks, cause the rumors have it that the 4K video quality capable Chromecast dongle just was spotted in a leaked photo! Evan Blass (who has a fancy for accurate leaks) has posted an image of what he says is the Chromecast Ultra.

Eventually, the list of features that this cool new smartphone sports comes down to: awesome, 21MP main camera with Kodak non-reflective lens coating. Aperture f2.0; 3GB of RAM memory and 3000 maH capacity of the battery. Which, even in today’s environment on the market, flooded by low in quality but high in specs Chinese phones, sounds kind of robust. But is it enough? Will this set of features be a winner or not? Maybe other features such as its Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) & HDR Imaging and 13MP front-facing camera will do the trick and propel this to the top?

At the end of the day, and as the marketing specialists and gadget market analysts say, its chances look incredibly good. While the pricing for the phone does not look too grim, the $500 price tag will surely not allow it to compete with either the iPhone or Samsung, which find themselves in that very same price range, not to mention the price-dumping Chinese manufacturers, flooding the market with their seductive prices. Anyways, taking company’s general aura of success, which allowed it to become a big name in its industry, maybe the confidence will help their sales!”

Basically, that bold run-down resulted in a 50/50 split. Half of respondents said that Ektra is better (especially at the locations of low visibility), while the other half said…it was the same. But none of them said that is was worse than either…
Still, the funniest thing about the phone might actually be the fact that despite being marketed now as the first ever smartphone made by Kodak, it really isn’t. Another smartphone called IM5 was released a bit before, resulting in a sort of lackluster set of reviews. But instead of discouraging the Kodak company, it instead made them anticipate a new model like a new fresh start. This meant a total redesign of the concept and essentially and at last – the logical and long-awaited shift of features focus to what the company is really good at – making cameras. But did this work?

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